Silicone Stretch Lids Food Covers

Product Description

12 pack – 2 stretch lids of each size. Fits objects with a diameter between 2.6 to 11 inches.

Save time: Stop wasting your time fishing for the perfect size lid each time and find it within seconds thanks to our quick fit size labels. With all your various dimensions of containers and bowls at home, knowing which size lids fit on which bowls will come in handy. This feature is a must or else you’ll be scrambling to find the right size lid each time. We know; because we were using the competition’s products at home before developing our improved version.

Go green: Help the planet and feel great about using a safe eco friendly replacement to disposable plastic cling wrap. Our elastic and stretchable BPA free insta lids even doubles as food huggers and savers. We’ve included another earth friendly product that will have you rethink your flimsy ziplock bags. Quick instructions for it: Do not heat the slider bar. Bag and slider bar are dishwasher safe.

Reduce frustration: Experience less slippage with our product’s superior grip grooves. Our carefully designed airtight and leakproof cover technology helps decrease the instances of popping lids. Will it eliminate them? No. Will it help? Yes. If your surface becomes wet, dry it off with a hand towel and use the other same size lid that’s dry. That’s why we provided you with 2 of the same size.

Save money: Enjoy a quality gift box set that will last a lifetime; dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe. Our silicon formulation is very thick yet super stretchy; the ultimate solution for your leftovers.

Use it on almost anything: Designed to fit on most round or square storage containers; from small cans to large bowls, including cups, fruit, pots and anything you can think of really, ranging from 2.6 to 11 inches in diameter. We have to admit 11 inches is a stretch (pun intended).

By opting for EcoLifeMate, you value the small changes we can make today that impact our children and their future, thank you.

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